The 2016 Election Script

The 2016 election, as they all are now, are written by the elite wealthy and produced and directed by the Media and Hollywood.

Uber elite like Warren Bufffet can by a failing near bankruptcy train industry for a dime on the dollar, and then use his wealth to buy influence in Congress, and the White House to stop the construction of the pipeline from Canada, which forced suppliers to bridge the gap with his newly acquired trains.  Not to mention the legislation he bought that harmed independent truckers from benefiting from the pipeline stoppage.

The election production makes the biggest of Oscarí winners look like amateur production in comparison.  Win an Oscar and you get a little statue and maybe a hundred million dollars.  Win an election and you gain intoxicating power and multiple billions.  Even bigger than that power and influence over government increases the eliteís wealth at the expense of everyone else.  It allows the elite to consolidate a larger portion of all wealth.

This being said letís apply the principles to some of the 2016 field of candidates.  We only need to look at a few because they are basically the same.  The most popular at this time is Trump.  Letís not forget he is one of the elite, but that also gives him an insight most of us are not exposed to.  Should he decide to run as an independent he will insure the Billary win by splitting the GOP voters which is a well proven tactic of winning elections.  But the bottom line is he will never be allowed to become a viable possibility to win.  He like Perot will be told under duress to drop out and be quiet because he is reveling some truths about the levels of corruption.  For this the media labels him crazy.  When itís all said and done Trump will bow out but still gain a huge boost in the Trump brand which buys him bargaining power amongst his business peers.  Nobody is mentioning the mass TV and media exposure he is getting for free under the news guise.  How much would it cost if he bought all the advertising time?  Brilliant business move on his part.

Billary is the elite chosen one based one hers and Billís proven track record of good puppets.  The elite via the media will continue the Teflon effect for her and unload dirt on the GOP nominee towards election time near November 2016.  An example of this would be, letís say Ted Cruz gets the nomination.  In Texas there was an attempt at the last minute to end his Senate race with ads that contained the revelation that Cruz made his money as an attorney defending Chinese companies copying and stealing intellectual property of American companies and destroying American business and jobs.  If Cruz wins the nomination the media would blitz this.

Bottom line is nobody will be allowed to step on the eliteís power.  We the People are not the special interest of government because we only vote with our ballots and trust that those we vote for will do the right things for us and so the illusion is ratified by us.  We watch media and movies which finance our demise as a nation.  We buy the goods and services via catchy commercials of little lizards or some drug that will magically cure whatever is ailing us.

We would be better served by showing the elite the power of numbers.  Itís the one thing they fear and that is why they work so hard to keep us divided by whatever means they can fabricate through the media and Hollywood.  We fall for the stereotypes that separate us in like race, party, religion, life style, guns or a multitude of trivial differences that pail to the mass deception of hundreds of millions Americansí being dumbed down by a pathetic education system that has created the fattest laziest populous on earth.  We should unite and take our country back by starving them out.  Donít watch the media or movies.  Do business with local private businesses whenever possible.  Educate ourselves and get healthy with exercise.  Get involved in the primaries were the choices of candidates are broader.  Donít look at the differences of our neighbors but seek the things in common.  Do we not all as Americansí want pride in country based on good education, good food, good shelter, good health and a decent life style?

Government will do nothing for us the people that we the people donít do for ourselves by initiating their efforts.  This as most elections the best candidate is none of the above.