2016 Selection

We are just over a year out from what we call Elections while in reality we have Selections.

There is an illusion that we the people exercise our constitutional right to choose our so called public servants.  Do we really?  The answer is no.  As we are now in the primary phase of the selection, we are paraded on both sides by the spoon fed candidates, presented to us by the ultra-elite who finance and through mass quantities of dollars feed us mass quantities of exposure to their choice of candidate via media and other sources they buy and control.

Our once elections now selections are one grand popularity contest staged by those with mass marking dollars that pretty much brainwash an entire nation into showing up at the polls and doing the sheeple thing of voting for Mr. or Mrs. Popular.  There are many people announced and unannounced that would be great for the job of president that lack the funding and marketing machine to reach the holy grail of selection which is popularity.  Example being right now our field of primary candidates are all either members of the elite wealthy or backed by the elite wealthy and are household names recognized by the masses.

It is refreshing or at the very least entertaining to see Trump exposing some of what is being explained here while at the same time fully knowing that the puppeteers could never allow anyone to actually do what Trump is claiming.  Political power blasphemy is treated with the JFK, RFK and MLK treatment at worst or the Perot treatment at best.  It could be we are being groomed for Clinton Bush 2 that wouldnít surprise me in the least.

Then there is the issue of election fraud.  My friends at True the Vote are exposing election wrong doings is ever growing in large numbers.  I remember the accepted conclusion was that fraud still would not have accounted for the 2.8 or so million vote spread in 2008 and now that spread is coming into question based on the ever growing findings of True the Vote and their volunteers of which they need more of, in order to expose all of the fraud in our selections.  It is vital that we support groups like theirs that protect our rights, with our dollars or our time or both.

The only way we the people can regain our elections is to not allow business or ultra wealthy funding of elections.  Even if we have to publicly fund them with our dollars, what is a little investment in our wellbeing as a nation worth?  The special interest must be we the people and not them the wealthy puppeteers that control everything we are exposed to from candidates to food through the mass machine own by them and funded by us who buy their goods and services with our hard earned dollars or now even bitcoin.  We have the power to vote with our dollars which would be far more effective than our ballots at this time.  We can defund the elite by supporting small local businesses and not watching any media or movies.  We could not fall for the mass marketing of the number 2 biggest lobby industry the Pharmaceuticals who market the magic cure.  Or the number 1 lobby industry of insurance who gave us Obamacare.

I remember the anti-Mafia days when it was wrong for Mafia types to extort money for protection yet isnít that what insurance does?  Or buy this pill or you wonít feel good?  Or vote for this person to fix everything?  The grand illusion that we as a group allow.  I donít recall pioneers that made this country buying anti scalping insurance or anti elements pills before loading up their families with all their possessionís and heading west to seek the American Dream.

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