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Welcome to Anobody, a place where anybody can visit to be enlightened, entertained and amused.

Anobody is a concept that we are members of humanity that currently has over 7 billion of us.  This being given dictates they we learn to get along or exterminate ourselves.  The concept of our universal standing as individuals and the vastness of the universe in relation to each of us.  Individually we are a nano speck in the universe but collectively we are man, a universal force created to either master the universe or become an extinct species like so many others before us.

Individually and isolated we are all nobodies but together we are everybody which translates to the somebodies that master the universe.  Anobody is about coming out of our self-centered lives to a higher calling of being an asset to the human race by giving of ourselves to the common betterment of the entire human race.  Alone we are limited to what we can achieve but together nothing is impossible.  Anobody is about breaking down all the barriers that divide us created by media, schools, entertainment and endless other tactics used to brainwash masses of us.  We the people only possess power when we are all on the same page.  The only thing that the elite puppeteers of our government and our lives fear is the masses being on the same page in wanting our leaders to just do the right and just things not what profits them and feeds their egos with power.

Anobody.com is not about anyone being a nobody, but of everyone being a somebody.  We can achieve this by being individual assets to humanity via being exceptional people at doing the right things that not only benefit ourselves but all of those around us.  By being individuals contributing to a better society with our individual hard work at making good sound, educated life choices.

Only you can improve you.  We 320 million improved Americans’ we create a better America.  With 7 billion improved individuals we create a better world. 


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