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           A psycho-thriller, who done it with a challenge of can you guess who did it before the end.  The humbling consequences of an apparent perfect crime fueled by ego, prejudice, and stereotype.  A shocking example of taking responsibility for ones actions and righting wrongs.

     This was written in 1981 during a boom of growth in Houston, Texas and sat unpublished in a closet since then until now.  At that time there was an explosion of growth and a growing animosity was spreading like an aggressive cancer.  A cancer of stereotype, prejudice, and divisive close mindedness, that permeates our society today.  At that time there was a massive number of out-of-state license plates and a strong dislike of the non natives by the natives.  There was a native Texan movement highlighted by bumper stickers, tee shirt, and caps.  Thirty years later the moral to the story transcends time and clearly applies to the social issues of today.  With the bottom line being owning your actions and not blaming others.  The parallels, of this story set in 1981, and now illustrate how we humans repeat history.

     The fear at the time was if published then, it would become reality.  Copy cats have been a reality with help from the media.

     This book is the fictional work of myself with help from a college friend and family.

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