The Control We Actually Do Need

We hear a lot about gun control these days when should really be hearing about the controls we actually do need to survive a nation.

Top of the soul searching national truth is: We need good morals control.  If we can get this one right the rest will correct themselves.  We need control over our individual selves to just do the right things in life.

We need ignorance control.  If we are educated in good life choices and actually how the universe operates, (which includes how our government actually runs not what media and others have brainwashed us to believe).  Knowledge is power and ignorance is sub servitude.  With the internet there is no reason for anyone to not self-educate.  Weíve heard of home schooling but we need to promote self-schooling.

We need selfishness control.  In case anyone didnít notice there are over 7 billion more people on earth than just ourselves.  That gives us two choices, either we learn to get along or eliminate everyone but ourselves so we really can have the whole world to ourselves.

We need criminal control.  We have more imprisoned here per capita in America than any other country.  Could it be our deterrents are not adequate?  If the price for the crime was severe enough we would see crime go down to near zero.  Example; get convicted of a violent crime and upon sentencing be loaded on to an old tanker and banished to Antarctica or some other remote hell on earth.

We need being offended control.  Are we becoming so thin skinned that we need to blame everything for our lack of exceptionalism?  If the stereotype or name calling isnít true it should have no effect on our self-images.  But conversely if true they sting, which may be a clue that we made need to make personal adjustments.  This all goes back to the common denominator of just doing the right things.

We need border control.  The only way to protect our way of life and our sovereignty is to control who and how many we allow to be a part of the American Dream.  They must first prove to be worthy of the highest of standards that being American once meant.  We must be assured they are not entering our country to create terror or mayhem.   If we have way too many yard cutters then we need to quit letting more in.  Conversely if we have a shortage of mechanics then we need to seek more mechanics to immigrate.

We need car control.  There are far too many distracted drivers that have impaired control of their cars.  The argument can be made that the cell phone kills far more than guns by way of traffic fatalities yet the gun is being sold to us as an issue.  Which actually leads me to the actual cause of gun violence our next need of control.

We need social liabilities control.  There are far too many out there with mental issues or a multitude of other issues or chips on their shoulders that are liabilities to society as opposed to assets.  They are the weeds of society and if allowed to flourish will smother out the flower bed or garden.  We let the actions of a few dictate the lives of the many.

We need elite control.  There are ultra-wealthy that buy influence of government which corrupts the system for everyone.  The government becomes, by the elite for the elite, so they can go from 40 billion net worth to 60 billion net worth.  When it should be by the people for the people.

We also need self-control.  Americans for one example are the fattest people on earth.  We need to self-discipline in every category in order to improve ourselves and our nation.  Exceptionalism is a product of self-discipline to assure we make good sound moral life choices.  If we improve the individual we improve everything that keeps our nation from being the best it can be.

Well thatís it for now.  There are far too many needed controls to mention, so for now just go forward and just do the right things.

© 2015