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I was circa 4 years old, first generation son of an immigrant, who spoke no English.  I remember a day standing by the streets curb as if it was a wall because crossing the curb into the street at 4 years old got you a spanking.  On the opposition side of the street was a little boy of similar age also fearful of the punishment of breaking a parental rule.  This kid is what I believe to be my first friend in life, Doug Nurse.  If I remember correctly Doug was the first to risk the wrath of mom by crossing the street which began a friendship that lasted through high school.  By kindergarten I learned English and communication was no longer a barrier.  Now after almost 5 decades we only cross paths on Facebook but we are no less friends now than when we were tossing the football in the yard.  Read more


2016 Selection

2016 Selection

2016 Selection

We are just over a year out from what we call Elections while in reality we have Selections.  Read more


The Control We Actually Do Need

We hear a lot about gun control these days when should really be hearing about the controls we actually do need to survive a nation.  Read more


 The 2016 Election Script

The 2016 election, as they all are now, are written by the elite wealthy and produced and directed by the Media and Hollywood.  Read more


I wrote this in September of 2000 and for the most part it applies today as it did then.  I have refined my thoughts since then as to how to handle heath care and education but the main theme of who controls our elections and ther results is still the same.  Read more



ObamaCare is biggest scam in human history

Americans’ collective ignorance and blind faith in authority has allowed the biggest scam in human history that literally rips off over 300 million Americans’.

Washington is owned by the Pharmaceuticals and Insurance lobbies.  ObamaCare was designed By the Pharmaceutical and Insurance lobbies to create an endless source of revenue by degree that literally take money from every nonexempt American.  And with in your face blatant corruption they exempt Government employees like Congress, Executive Branch and Judicial Branches along with elite corporations.  We have now allowed the Insurance and Drug companies a blank check to fill out as they like and we the tax payer will make whatever they take good with our personal sacrifice of our hard earned dollars.  Far too many Americans’ are ignorant to this list of industries that buy Washington and milk us of our money with monopolistic corruption.

ObamaCare is nothing more than another tax designed to control the masses and create a feeding trough for a growing Goliath Government reminiscent of a rapid growth cancer consuming its host.  And the real crime is that we don’t even get actual sound health care for the money, we have a massive tax collection agency that dispenses drugs which make our system the kings of the drug cartels.  Our brain washed doctors indoctrinated by medical schools bought by the same demons that buy Washington have evolved into medical protocol whose answer to every ailment is a prescription.  A prescription that has endless side effects that range from minor to fatal.  A good example of this is many millions of Americans’ are on blood thinners that if you don’t take them as prescribed you can die of a blood clot but if you do take them you can die of stroke or aneurysm.

We have been brainwashed and led down a road that has produced the fattest population on earth which has contributed to a populous of unhealthy people.  We have replaced eating healthy with supplements and easy fixes like take a pill.  Instead of striving to cure anything it appears the goal of the elite Washington puppeteers is to perpetuate ailments for profit.  Addiction is what allows drug dealers and cartels to flourish and we Americans’ have become addicted to taking the easy way out in all categories like education, eating and working.  Laziness is why our country isn’t as great as it once was.

We all need to take a look in our collective mirror of patriotism and ask ourselves if the path we are on is really what we want.  Is our image one of pride or shame?  Do we want to be accessories to the biggest drug cartel on earth which puts blood on our hands by allowing a system ruled by elite that don’t value all lives regardless of color, creed or status?  Do we want to be free to choose or simply answer to masters that promise to provide just enough for us to exist as slaves to only work and exist without the freedom that only comes from the ability to explore life which for the most part requires money?  The brainwashing media keeps us divided with micro issues like race, creed or class while all along they are stealing us blind of our money, freedom and rights. 

Dwayne Stovall announces Congressional Run

July 1, 2015 Dwayne Stovall announced his Congressional run in District 36 of Texas.  Dwayne previously ran for U.S. Senate against John Cornyn in 2014 and managed nearly 11% of the primary vote with just over $70,000. Dollars.

Dwayne was able to make such a good showing in 2014 due to his old fashion shoe leather campaign.  He tirelessly drove back and forth across Texas to speak his message face to face with groups of Texans.  His message revolves around the Constitutional intent of power being at the state and local levels with a small Federal Government.  After his loss in the primaries Dwayne never stopped speaking to groups around Texas through his Keep Texas Free program aimed at constitutionally educating Texans across the state.  His home spun personality resonates with common working folk, many of whom see themselves as Tea Party Followers.

Brett Rogers his campaign manager now and also in Dwayne’s primary run for Senate in 2014 worked throughout from 2014 election cycle till now with Dwayne educating Texans’ face to face across the state.  Together they spoke around Texas through their site at which included their Keep Texas Free program.  As they spoke across Texas they focused on Federalism being the foundation of The Constitution.  Dwayne and Brett are winning votes one town, one day and one person at a time face to face with good ole hard work and effort.

Dwayne’s deep concern with 500 plus people in Washington controlling over 300 million lives keeps him grounded in the Constitution as it was intended by its writers. With his love of state he brings to his district a choice of representation based on what is best for his district and state before Washington.  In the official press release Dwayne is quoted, "The framers of our Constitution and the States that agreed to it had every intention of constraining the federal government. They understood the inherent danger in a government too large. The further power is removed from the people, the greater the opportunity for corruption.”  This accurately reflects his motivation to run and represent Texans.

Another quote from his announcement reflects a fundamental belief of Dwayne’s, "Benjamin Franklin was right to question our ability to maintain the Republic. It was only intended for a moral and principled people. I look forward to working hard to earn your vote and to stand in Congress for the principles and traditions that we Texans hold dear."  The 2016 election cycle promises to be not only important but interesting to see how the more grass roots candidates like Dwayne grow in strength the ole fashion way, earning it.


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