You and I are America


I was circa 4 years old, first generation son of an immigrant, who spoke no English.  I remember a day standing by the streets curb as if it was a wall because crossing the curb into the street at 4 years old got you a spanking.  On the opposition side of the street was a little boy of similar age also fearful of the punishment of breaking a parental rule.  This kid is what I believe to be my first friend in life, Doug Nurse.  If I remember correctly Doug was the first to risk the wrath of mom by crossing the street which began a friendship that lasted through high school.  By kindergarten I learned English and communication was no longer a barrier.  Now after almost 5 decades we only cross paths on Facebook but we are no less friends now than when we were tossing the football in the yard.

I attended The University of Texas and Doug attended Texas Tech.  Doug went on to a career of writing for media outlets and I a self-employed business owner.  Our life paths have given us somewhat opposing political views that mean nothing to me when I think of Doug.  Having shared my entire childhood and young adult life with Doug, places him in a special place in my soul regardless of his beliefs, deeds or any other stereotype.  As kids we debated which opening was best in the game of chess or which quarterback was best, Bart Starr or Don Meredith.  Debate is nothing more than heathy checks and balances that at the end of the day mean nothing more than life experiences share by friends.

The point I’m making here in this toxic social environment we are living in is: You and I are America not the government or the corporate elite that control our destiny.  We don’t have to see eye to eye on every topic but we do have to commit to be good patriots and govern our lives based on making good sound moral decisions in life.  We, like Doug and I are all family.  The American family that was built on exceptionalism that separated all of us from the rest of the world.  This exceptionalism was the dream of our founders and we owe it to them and all the veterans that shed blood and died for our freedom to commit to the American family above political alliances.

If as individuals we conduct our daily lives in a morally righteous manner the issues that divide us will take back seat to love and commitment to country and each other as family members.  America is each of US not government.  Government and society are nothing more than a reflection of its people.  If what you see on media, life or hearsay offends you then the source is in the mirror.  There was an old cliché when we were growing up was, “Stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”  If words are not true and our self-esteem is healthy no offence is taken.  It’s only when the truth hurts that we try to blame anything and everything but ourselves.  The path to a better America is up to each of us doing our individual parts to make up an exceptional whole.  Just do the right things, not the political or any other things.  God before party or ideology.  Self before party or ideology.  Family before party or ideology and that includes our collective family of Americans’